Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Creating a database from a .bak file

In this post I am going to explain about how to restore a database from the .bak file.
To Achieve this do the following steps:
1)Open the Sqlserver 2005/2008 and Right click on the Databases  and select the “Restore DataBase” option.

2)Type the Database name,check the from device option  and select the path of the file where your database is existed in your system  .

3)If you click the button it will open the following screen .Click add button and select the file of .bak.
4)After adding check the box in the select the backup sets to restore section.

5)On the Left top side you able to find the “Options” please click it. And check the overite the database check box and then click ok .

6) Database will create successfully in your local sql server. final message you will see as follows :

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